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Another Ur quattro for sale in Yorkshire

Todays Auto Trader contained this ad

Wide body in white, with black leather, full Audi service history, superb 
original condition 6950GBP
tel 01423 863387

Again, I dont know the car and I dont know the vendor who is in the Harrogate 

I phoned him though to find out more. He sounds like a part-time trader 
working from home, and it was obvious that he knows **** all about quattros. I 
asked him what colour the dash was and his reply was 'You mean when I turn the 
lights on?'. Anyway, its a 87 with 128K miles, some sort of private plate and 
HE reckons its in very good condition and he would be willing to move on the 
asking price. If anyone wants me to go take a closer look I can do but not 
until Monday I'm afraid.

I've also got a line on a 84 quattro coupe at a very low price, but hands off 
'cos I'm interested for a second car.

Amazingly, the Leeds trader selling the pearl white MB which so impressed Phil 
(NOT) has changed his advert. It now contains the following -

colour coded wheels and body kit as standard, very rare car, exceptional 
condition, was owned by Quattro owners club member.

words fail me.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro

 t u pubhe