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The Saga Continues...4000CSQ accident repairs...

Welp, our friendly nationwide insurance hitman said that the damage to the
car was 1400$, a lot more than I expected, but a few hundred less than the
body shop quote (which I hadn't seen...)  I can get more if more things are
found wrong (wack!  I didn't like that molding....)  But it looks like my
4000CSQ should come out as such....new drivers side paint, wheels painted
dark metallic silver (graphite), new black side moldings, fresh trim
paint(around windows, both sides...), a few touched up spots, new mirror, new
door mounted, etc.  Not too shabby, I'll probably end up paying a few hundred
to round it off.  I'm pretty happy.  Well, I will be in two weeks.  Also, new
chin spoiler will most likely get mounted after all!  Thanks to the list for
support, more updates to come...

Carter J