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Re: Whoa...Chevy conversion...

> Hypothetically, it could work.  The tranny in the 4000Q (and probably the
> 5000Q, and Ur-Q) is very similar to that of the Porsche 944/924 tranny.
> And guess what....there is a Chevy V8 conversion for teh 944/924.
> Again, not that I would condone it, but it probably can be done.

The bottom line is that ANYTHING can be done if you really want to do it ...
there's a Saab 96 running around town that has an 1100cc Kawasaki motorcycle
engine under the hood and four exhaust pipes running forward out through the
grill then under the car ... looks pretty bizarre, to say the least. 

BTW, if you look carefully, you'll notice the gearbox in a 944 is about four
feet aft of the engine and there's a torque tube between them ... unless you
plan to put the V8 in the middle of the car, the only adapter you need is up

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