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Re: Whoa...

Sock it to 'em Graydon- can we be expecting your Audillac anytime soon?
Hey- no fair- you're a Caddy engineer, right? 

My only comment on the swap-out-the-5 contingent is, remembering old
smoothness arguments, that the comparison is not with a 3.0 litre I-6,
it's with a 2.0 litre 4. Assuming unlimited engine room, yes, I'd prefer
the 6 from my old BMW 3.0s and its triple Webers;) to the 5, but I think
the 5000 would not be nearly so nice a car with, say, the VW 2.0 A3

C'mon, guys,it's not like a Jag 4.2- I don't really think the Audi's chief
flaw is its engine, is it??