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Anyone Interested in a 96 VW Golf in Seattle?

I know this is low Audi content, although I suppose the VAG theme somewhat
covers it!

Here's the scoop:

My girlfriend is moving home to Ireland and has to sell her immaculate 1996
Golf.  The thing only has 9500 miles on it and looks like it just left the
showroom.  It's Suade Silver Metallic with the Premium Audio system and all
the standard Golf goodies, i.e. alarm, glass sunroof, central locking, A/C
etc..  It's a 5 speed.

We're trying to get $13,000 for it, but as usual things are negotiable.  If
anyone is interested, or wants more information, let me know.  

Thanks everyone.

Larry Smierciak
86 4000csq