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Another Ur quattro for sale in Yorkshire

In message <UPMAIL13.199709111953480031@classic.msn.com> "Ian J Haseltine" writes:

> Todays Auto Trader contained this ad
> Wide body in white, with black leather, full Audi service history, superb 
> original condition 6950GBP
> tel 01423 863387
> Again, I dont know the car and I dont know the vendor who is in the Harrogate 
> area.
> I phoned him though to find out more. He sounds like a part-time trader 
> working from home, and it was obvious that he knows **** all about quattros. I 
> asked him what colour the dash was and his reply was 'You mean when I turn the 
> lights on?'. Anyway, its a 87 with 128K miles, some sort of private plate and 
> HE reckons its in very good condition and he would be willing to move on the 
> asking price. If anyone wants me to go take a closer look I can do but not 
> until Monday I'm afraid.

I think you'll find this car is a bit odd.  It seems to have an MB engine, but
the chassis number is 300 or so before the MB shipped.  Also the 'private 
plate' is actually Irish - perhaps to conceal what the real registration letter 
would be - it's 1/1/87, if I'm thinking of the right car, and the MB engine 
didn't ship until 10/87. 

> Amazingly, the Leeds trader selling the pearl white MB which so impressed Phil 
> (NOT) has changed his advert. It now contains the following -

> colour coded wheels and body kit as standard, very rare car, exceptional 
> condition, was owned by Quattro owners club member.

> words fail me.

They may not fail me for very long.  I don't like the use of the Owner's Club's 
name in association with such blatant lies.  Technically, of course, it's 
accurate - it is in _exceptional_ condition.
Exceptionally _BAD_ condition ... 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club