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45K mile service, exploding batteries, et al.

OK, I have a few questions/rants.

On Thursday, my battery exploded.  The car was towed in to the garage,
and the dealer mentioned that it was about time for my 45K mile
service.  I had a list of things a page long (literally!) that I wanted
them to do, so I tell him "well I'm not ready to invest in a major
service just now--let's wait a little bit."  Since they are about to try
their latest tricks from the bottom of the barrel for the A/C, he says,
"don't worry, we'll cover the 45K mile service."  Cool!  However, since
he's being nice, I decide my list can wait till next time.  The results:

A/C: they replaced the high pressure switch for the third or fourth
time.  Everyone, even the dealer, knows that this isn't the problem, but
they have no other ideas and the computer keeps telling them that the
switch is the problem.  It's not my nickel, but all the same I'd like
for them to fix the stupid thing.

45K mile Service: All they did was change the oil, filter, and add some
windshield washer fluid.  They didn't change the ATF fluid, which is
recommended for this service, and I'm pretty sure they didn't check the
power steering fluid because last I checked the reservoir was almost
totally empty.  Also I'm pretty sure they didn't check the exhaust
system for leaks, because it sounds like there is one.  Maybe not.

Battery: Well, this is what worries me.  First of all, it turns out that
even though this is not the original car battery, and even though it's a
"pro rated" battery that is advertised to last 72 months, it's not under
warranty (I made them prove it to me, it's true.)  $107, plus $60 for
labor (r&r battery, check charging system).  Ouch!
The parts that worry me:  First, he was *very* nonchalant about the
whole thing--"oh," he said, "someone else's did the same thing last
week."  EEK!  Is this common?  How come my "pro rated" "72 month"
battery only has a 1-year 15,000 mile warranty?  This is the impression
that I got from him.

Well, that's all for now.  Sorry for the BW.