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Schrappnell Knobben (R)eport

I bought an IA modified ECU for the ur-q, but was sent a stock urq WG 
spring, meaning that I don't get much improvement.  Today at lunch I 
was digging under the hood and got the bug to finally install the pres-
sure regulator and connect it to the top of the WG.  I don't know where 
most folks tap into manifold pressure ... I T-ed into the larger dia-
meter line that bypasses the throttle body when the A/C compressor is 
enabled, and chose the line that is attached before the throttle body.  
I wanted to report my findings and see if I could get some feedback 
from others out there that have installed the kit ...

Since I am still using the stock MP gauge I didn't want to get too 
aggressive, so I adjusted the regulator to provide max MP of 2bar as 
measured on the gauge.  It appears that the actual amount of pressure 
applied to the top of the WG was 2 PSI to achieve this boost level.  
I was wondering what sorts of boost levels others of you are running 
with your S-Kn equipped engines, and what sort of pressure settings 
these would imply on the pressure regulator.  I currently have the 
pressure regulator suspended in the hoses near the ignition coil ... 
has anyone mounted their regulators somewhere in the engine compart-
ment or cockpit?

Now that I've got the thing installed I'm going to be looking for a 
one way valve that I can use to allow the pressure to be held on the 
WG even after the boost has gone down, so that way I'll have the stif-
fer effective spring before the boost comes back.  This was discussed 
on the list sometime back, but I never heard if anyone actually did it.  

I guess I'll need to do some timed runs to see how much performance 
improvements that fraction of a bar provided, but it _seems_ small but 
perceptable ... and it is fun ... :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)