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Re: Tail Lights Keep Shorting Out -Reply

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <s41509b3.032@tamsconsultants.com> Andrew Finney writes:
> > To which I reply: The only lights that pass through the flexible
> > wire near the trunk hinge on early US coupes are the license
> > plate lights. I can't imagine this is the problem as they are on a
> > totally unrelated circuit, and the problem occurs without the
> > lights on. I could be wrong though. Thanks for the input.
	Fuse 6 feeds the brake lights and emergency flasher switch.The wire
colors are as follows;red w/yellow  + to brake light switch,red w/black
from brake switch to brake light,red w/ white fuse to em flasher
switch.Check theese wires for rubbing on body edges. I realise this is
not a direct description of a repair but wiring shorts can be very time