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Re: ANS and the future of the list


I wasn't on the list when you had the poll, so I'll contribute my comments now.

Last fall, I ran into some repair difficulties and the list responded
literally while I was working on my Audi 90Q. By the time I finished a long
cup of coffee, the responses were in; I barely lost a minute of repair
time. In addition there was further private email support that listers
never saw. There was an offer of parts and further help. A similar
situation occurred again in May. The purchase of my second 90Q was directly
related to the known support of the list. Interactive repair advice......
what a concept.

I haven't *directly* needed the list lately but every day I'm learning more
about Audis and enjoying the personalties on the list. I can't debate the
price because I'd rather have the advice of 5 BTDT owners than one Audi

All I can add Dan, is that don't forget to accomodate us Canadians when you
want our dues (US money order, Visa or whatever) AND there are times when I
can't accomodate the list in my timetable (maybe up to 5 months) so I would
ask that signing on and off be made easy for annual paid members.

I thank you.


2 of those Audi 90Qs