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Re: ANS and the future of the list

Dan Simoes wrote:

> To elaborate a bit on my plans, I am hoping to turn it into a
> fee-based service, hopefully a one time fee, with the remainder
> of costs being covered by advertising and other sources.
> Some of you grumbled in the survey I took a few months ago
> about not wanting to ever pay for the list.  Look at it this
> way - how much have you saved by getting parts from a vendor
> you heard about on the list?  How much grief have you saved
> knowing that a certain dealer sucks?  And how glad were you
> to find a source of information and experts that can answer
> most tech questions?

Dan, I am with you 100%.

I will trade any car mag for the list - any day. Even what used to be the *Icon* - EC!
Funny thing: yesterday I received the latest issue, but, unlike in the old times, I 
rather lazily browsed through the contents (for anything Audi-related) and tossed it 
on the top of the toilet water tank, where it'll get eventually read.
To add EC to the company of JCWhiney and Griot's Garage cats as a lavatory reading - 
that's an outright blasphermy. Unthinkable even a year ago.

I check the list traffic the same way as I drink my espresso: three -four times a day. 
Miss a cup - and the best part of the day is screwed.

If there is a candidate to be named *Audi God* - it's Dan. He provides such a 
valuable forum free of charge, out of his sheer enthusiasm and in his own free time.
And he does not even own a fancy-shmancy tricked-out Q, like some of us do.
Thank you very much for your efforts, Dan!

A free list is great, but if there is a need to pay in order to keep the list running, 
I definetely will.

Jeez, as recently as two years ago I and my buddy (who are both physisists, turned 
engineers, mind you) had been busting our brains for two evenings in a row, trying to 
fugure out why did the friggin' 200 had suddenly stopped running. Off course we 
eventually had found out, but if I were subbed to the list then, I would've probably 
gotten the answer in 5 minutes: *check the damn accordeon hose!*

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order
Philadelphia, PA