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Re:Niggling problem with the rear-view mirror

In a message dated 9/9/97 you write:

<<I have a very niggling problem with my rear-view mirror.... it jiggles and
it's just a little annoying.>><snip><<I wish my Audi had an interior roof
mounted mirror. Anyhow, my questions:  do the gifted on the list know of a
way to tighten up the mirror? Do we all have this windshield mounted

You mean like the pot metal breaks when you adjust it too many times ovlov
mirror??? Hmm...anyway, the fix for jiggling mirror syndrome (has worked for
me on two different Audi's so far) is to simply tighten it back up on the
windshield mount. The required tool is a tiny hex wrench (size escapes me but
I have on on my rail of metric hex "sockets" it is tiny). Just tighten it
up...the first time was on my 4kq and the pre-purchase inspection I had
stated "needs mirror" (uh huh...) and tightening it fixed it. Same with the
5kcstq I just bought, was wiggly, now tight. HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq
85 4ksq (soon to belong to another q-lister and I'll never forget that
wonderful little car!)