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VW Question

I know that this is not the VW list but I have more faith in y'all's 
advice than anyone else (by the way, does a VW list exist??).  One of 
my relatives bought a stick-shift 1997 VW Jetta. It has about 3000 
miles on it.  I took it out for a test drive yesterday and detected 
what I consider to be a problem.  The problem concerns the following: 
 Traveling about 35 MPG with foot on the gas pedal.  Took foot off 
and then touched gas pedal again.  As I touched the gas pedal, the 
care exhibits a jolt.  Same thing happened at higher speeds (up to 
about 50 mpg)  in third and fourth gear.  Very bothersome . . . 
cannot be right.  Appreciate any ideas.  Thanks.

90 90 20V

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