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Re: M3-bashing S4 -- feedback to Audi

I just sent this in the feedback section of the AoA web page
(http://www.audiusa.com) -- this may be the equivalent of farting at a
hurricane, but who knows -- maybe if enough of us comment on the situation,
a thick-headed marketeer at AoA might get a clue.

Dear Audi of America:

Once again, a car magazine has reported that a high performance Audi will
not be imported into the United States.  In particular, Americans will not
be able to choose the twin turbo S4.

This is a continuation of a most unfortunate policy -- US quattro
enthusiasts like myself have be denied the chance to own the S2, S6+, and
the S8.  When the rare high performance Audi has made it to the US (S4,
S6), the relatively small number of cars have been overwhelmed by the
demand for these vehicles.

Various BMWs (e.g., M3) and Porches has demonstrated that high performance
sports cars can and do sell in the US, as has the high demand for the S4
and S6.  The current Audi policy forces me to choose between power (e.g.,
M3) and handling (any quattro), which I find quite annoying.

It is about time for me to replace my 1990 Coupe Quattro; I would sure like
the chance to buy the twin-turbo S4.  Please consider a new policy that
would allow me this choice.

John Allred
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