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Re: ANS and the future of the list

At 06:44 AM 9/12/97 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>'Payne's Law', formulated long ago on CIS' Canopus, applies - if it's free
>the Internet anywhere, it's free everywhere.  The signal to noise ratio on 
>alt.autos.audi is only high because there's no signal to speak of - if we
>went over there, it would be usable.  It would also have the advantage of 
>newsreaders with thread support - many's the time I've wanted to uncheck the 
>box for a thread on coimbra. 

Intended or not, Phil makes a clear suggestion: Move the messaging portion
of this list to alt.autos.audi.

As Phil pointed out, it would eliminate or improve some of the problems of
being on a mailing list, including "reading it when you have time" and

If we all moved "en masse" the quality of that newsgroup would improve 1000
fold, everyone would have access at their whim without worrying about their
mailbox overflowing, and Dan (who deserves high praise) would be off the
hook. :-)

Maybe this is a horrible idea -- blasphemy perhaps -- but I think its worth
considering. Please, no flames. :-)

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