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Re: ANS and the future of the list

> Once I have a domain, I need to set a machine, get an internet
> connection that is up all the time and large enough to carry
> all this traffic.  Just to give an idea of costs, we're talking
> $10-15000 in hardware, and about $600-800 a month for the
> connection.

If you need a happy place for a machine to live, I've got one.
I'd happily provide a connection for a co-located machine (UNIX or NT,
although I'd assume a UNIX box would be preferred), and provide some
support for it.  It's what I do for a living.

Besides, name a happier place for a Quattro list than New Hampshire/Vermont.  
If you'd like to cut some of the expense, it could live on one of our
machines (how about an Ultra 2 220?  Quick enough for you?).

Just a thought.

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bob@segNET.com	Suite 206/208, The Nugget Building
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