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Re: Whoa...

Cobram wrote:
>   Stop with this thread!  I caught myself measuring the engine
>   compartment of the 5KS yesterday.  At this point I'm almost
>   convinced the only way to get rid of the "bucking" problem
>   I'm having with the car is to install a Northstar engine.
>   I did a similar conversion on my fathers Mercyless Benz
>   250 Sedan, I put a dorF 351 Cleveland in the car, it was
>   a bullet off the line, but since I kept the original
>   diff, the revs at high speed cruising blew the engine.
>   I put everything back to stock....that was worse than
>   the initial conversion.  I'm going to the insurance
>   auctions this weekend....I wonder if they'll have any
>   flipped or rear ended Caddies there.....?
>   I'll measure the next Northstar I come across, but it
>   seems like the motor mounts will have to be raised in
>   order to get clearance in the engine bay.

Hey, don't forget there are a few other new Al v8's out their.... the 
Olds Aurora, Ford's modular (in SOHC & DOHC), and Infiniti (Nissan).

Also, once you remove all the CIS stuff and turbo plumbing and cooling 
stuff, their is alot of room under the hood.