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'91 200 20V Quattro Questions

     I'm going to take a look at a '91 200 quattro this afternoon or 
     tonight. This is an extremely rare (for Canada) 20valve version. 20 
     valve 200's were never imported to Canada and this one is a US car. 
     What is the price range for a '91 200 quattro in the US? The car is 
     advertised at $15.7k (CDN), ~$11K (US).
     I figure I  could drive it for a couple of years and drop the motor in 
     an ur-q :) I seem to remember hearing there is a difference between 
     the 20valave motor in the 200's and the 20valve in the S4, one has a 
     cross flow head? And if so which one was fitted to the ur-q 20valve?
     Thanks and regards, Mike