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Re: VIN lookup?? VIN decoder for Audi found.

>I'm thinking about getting a 200, does anyone know of a good source of car
>histories based on VIN#?   I tried Vinguard but they came up with nothing,
>so I
>made 'em not charge me $20.  If you do you use them get them to agree to no
>charge for null records.  ADP supposedly has a db but they don't appear to
>to talk to consumers.
>BTW - I found the Audi VIN codes on the net.  They follow.

>Leigh Anderson

Thanks for the VIN code info.

I recently used Carfax ($12.50) to search for VIN info on the 200tq I'm


They turned up nothing other than the original sale information (Illinois,
2/92, 32 miles). I was relieved that there were no discrepancies on record
(as far as they could search). Is that what you meant by "came up with
nothing"? If so,  that would seem like wanting your insurance premiums back
'cause you never had an accident? Or did you really get _nothing_?

Anyway, Carfax is another source of VIN-based info.


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