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Re: ANS, the List...

Right now I pay $125/mo. to PARK my Audi in a secure garage in

You can bet that if it comes to it I will pay a reasonable yearly fee
to continue to have access to this list so that I can keep it running.  It has
saved me literally thousands of dollars (indirectly paying for my parking,
insurance, etc., in my mind) and been a great source of fun and
knowledge to me and my family.  I only wish that I had more 
to contribute more often so that more people could feel that way.

I never would have been able to afford to own my Audis, which I have
greatly enjoyed,  if it weren't for the Quattro List.  Otherwise I would have
been at the mercy of junk yards, dealers, and the sometimes dubious
advice of people who own repair shops instead of hearing the straight
talk from Audi enthusiasts.  I had one "expert" tell me the other day that
the hydraulic system was "bulletproof".  I'd rather hear the good and the
bad, straight from the source, and that's what the Q-List provides, even if
the name has to change to "the German 4 ring 4 wheel drive vehicle list".  

At my current job I have access to a fast internet connection and I have
been searching the archives during my spare time.  I have printed at least
2 dozen sections of the archives that are PACKED with information that I
doubt I could have learned anywhere else, or without a tremendous
investment of time and energy.   Where else are you going to learn how
to troubleshoot your ISV Controller, remove/replace your steering rack,
test your engine vacuum, replace tiny light bulbs, silence a blower motor,
safely increase your horsepower, get rid of spurious electrical faults,
etc., etc., etc.,?  

With a movie/dinner date running upwards of $60 these days (not
McDonalds and a matinee), the Quattro List is the best media in town and
proof that you sometimes get a lot more than you pay for.

Just my two centavos.

Best Wishes,
Alex Kowalski
'86 5KCSTQ