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A4 1.8tq for sale in Northern VA!

A gentleman in my condo complex is selling his A4 1.8tq.

    "I'm moving to Paris and I have to sell my car.  I'm not happy about 
getting rid of my A4, it's a great car!  If you know anyone who's interested 
in an A4 1.8T with 9,500  miles and every option on it, let me know.  My 
work number is 703-848-7863, (H) 703-979-6619.
          Thanks again, Todd Jorgenson"

I don't have any interest in the car.  Etc, etc.  It is Europa Blue and does 
have all the options, from what I can see (quattro, 16 inch wheels, 
moonroof, sport seats, sport wheel, etc.)

Jon Linkov
'96 A4q