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Re: That niggling mirror problem.

In message <97Sep12.145145edt.8068@gateway.nwh.org> "Sean Ford" writes:

>    I never thought I'd see the day, but I proved you wrong. I picked up 4
> small Allen wrenches (2 metric, 2 non-metric (?)), and the larger of the 2
> metrics did the trick. It's a beautiful thing, and 1 well spent US Dollar.

Well, good for you.  I stand by my point, though, and if you hang on to
the lot you'll sometimes find the non-metrics (which we call 'Imperial'
and you guys seem to call 'SAE') fit better than the metrics.

Allen keys are tools upon which I will _NOT_ try and save a few pennies.
Especially on the larger sizes and the oversize handles, quality is
crucial.  I have some very good Draper ones, but recently I feel the
Draper brand has become a little variable.  I now use only Beargrip.

One of my recent mistakes was a set of Snap-On 'ball end' drivers.  I
find the ball ends tend to cut into some of Audi's fasteners, e.g., the
ones that hold the warm-up regulator to the engine block.  They're not
made of especially good steel, and the 'ball end' drivers cut in to the
heads quite markedly.

I've found a very cheap and very good set of drivers, down to the
smallest sizes, at a fraction of the Snap-On price - but they're all
(even the tiniest) 1/2" drive.  Daft - 2mm Allen driven by 1/2" tools?
And they take up HUGE amounts of room.

 Phil Payne
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