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Re: ANS & future of the list

If we had to pay a small fee to be on the list, it might weed out some people
who are not real big Audi fans, and leave the list for people like me who
can't think of anyone deserving to have the car if I were to die....maybee
I'll leave the car to the QList in my will!f

Back to the point, we are becoming quite big  and the fee will help trim it
down some, and provide Dan with some funds to use for the list.

I think that maybee Dan should join forces with the AudiCar site, they have a
sharp site, but a weak message board from what I could tell.  It would be
great to have the QList on that site...Joining forces will make us bigger,
and attract attention from AoA.  THat;s what we really need - attention from

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