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Re: Sagging visors: one fix

In a message dated 9/11/97 FMARTIN <fmartin@ithaca.edu> writes:

<<I'd noticed a couple months ago some posts complaining about 
sagging sun visors. Lo and behold, it recently happened in our 
100Q (driver's side, of course). Damned annoying, as every time 
you go over a road bump, the visor drops down. Here's the what I 
found, and how I fixed it (so far, so good, at least).>> <<detailed (and
great) procedure snipped to save BW>

Mine was one. I "fixed" mine by buying a used one from AVS. Works well. I
saved my old one and will pull it out and try your fix to save as a spare.
Great post! BTW, may I substitute the Molsens for a Lighthouse Amber?
Additional Audi content...the owner of Santa Cruz Brewing Co. is a quattro
fan and owner.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq