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A4Q Snow Tire Application

I recently purchased my first Audi, a 1998 A4 2.8 Quattro with Audi's Sport

The car came equipped with 16" 7-spoke wheels and 205/55-16 Dunlop SP8000E
tires. Unfortunately, the tires do not seem to be suitable for winter
conditions since they lack a M&S rating.

So, I would like to buy a second set of wheels on which I could permanently
mount snow tires.  The idea here is to go with steel wheels/hupcaps or
factory take-off alloys.

My question is this: Will a 15" wheel fit this car without interfering with
the brake assembly or suspension, and if so, what size tire should be
installed?  Perhaps a 185/65-15???

Or, must I stay with a 16" wheel?  

While we're on the subject...is there any fitment differences (ie: offset,
weight, etc.) between the *standard* 16" 5-spoke Audi factory alloy and the
16" 7-spoke Audi factory sport package alloy?

Also, to satisfy my curiosity...Does having the Sport Package along with
Quattro make any difference relative to wheel fitment, as compared to having
Quattro alone?

If anyone has direct experience with this scenario, please respond.

Thanks! I appreciate any insight you can offer!

Arte Levy