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JAMEX springs for '86 5KCSTQ..any comments?

After all of the mentionings of JAMEX on the List recently, I gave them a
call to find out about their spring offerings for the 5KCSTQ.  Here's the
story:  they manufacture a set "specifically for the 5000 Turbo Quattro"
that lowers the car 35mm in the front and ~ 40mm in the rear.  The JAMEX
representative told me that the rate is 10% stiffer than stock.  The price
for the set of four is $99.00.

Does anyone have any comments, advice, or experience about these
springs?  I am going to be doing the struts soon and I am thinking about
this change as well.  1.5" in the rear seems like quite a bit to lower the
car.  What are the comments from people with lowered 5KTQs?  


'86 5KCSTQ