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Wow! I coulda had a V-8...

Sean mutters:

>  > Anyone know of anyone offering Chev V8 adapter kits for Audi 5-speeds?
>  What the *%$! kind of blasphemy is this?!? >>

Hardly Blasphemy, Sean, old twig.  Makes perfect sense.

>     Well, this thread has provided one good thing, Graydon informed us of a
> place on the west coast that makes the adapters for the 016 transmissions.
>  All we need to have is a bit better taste when it comes to the swap.  Chevy
> engine?  No Way !!!

Pardon me, Sean, but the chebby V-8 has one of the better pedigrees in
racing history.  An Aluminum Block Chebby makes perfect sense and is
lighter that the I-5 to boot (as has already been noted here).

> 928 engine?

Rotsa Ruck.  That porker is one *Wide* mutha!  And it may interest you to
know that the *Iron* block chebby is about 50 lbs *Lighter* than the
Porker.  Those of us here interested in making some serious power, at an
affordable cost (I know, that "a" word is all but unknown to the Audi
world, but I digress) would do very well to consider a chebby.  But

> Yes.  Audi V8 automatic block?

A contender, but kinda small and no (afordable) aftermarket hop-up goodies.
But our brother Ben Howell, he of Pike's Peak organizing genius (thanks
again, Ben!) is stuffing an Audi V-8 into his URQ, even as we speak.  He
might throw some light on this option...

>  Yes  944 turbo engine?  Yes.

(Ahem...) those who have been around the list have seen this suggested by
some ol mendicant previously.  A direct bolt-up to the 016, according to my
buddy, Jim Pasha (who writes tech articles on water-pumpers for Excellence

> Northstar V8? Yes.

Yeah, Graydon, that's a corker of an idea.  What's the availability of
these beauties (including co$t)?

> Heavy Iron American V8 of any sort?  No.

To each 'is own.  Heavy is in the eye of the beholder,  If it's lighter
than the engine it replaces, that is's OKE by yer kindly ol' Unka Bart.

YM, naturally, MV...