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Re: Dander up! (design)

Igor Kessel said:
>Or how about that obscure Eagle (I think a Renault knock-off)?
>Almost an exact copy of a 100 down to the signature hollow head
>rests. Up to this day I sometimes confuse it with an Audi.

Eagle Premier... An ItalDesign car. That was the continuance of the
pre-aero 44 chassis. I liked that clean design style. Yes, I did have an
83 5000s once.

Giugiaro designed a car called the Marlin. The date on the image is 84,
post-44 intro, but this thing looks like the aero 5000/100. It has the
grill of the old passat, but it has the same proportions.
He must have seen the 5000 and saw that was the future and reverse
designed it.

Jason Palmer
97 A41.8tqm w/ 5322 miles