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Re: Audi-Chev conversions

>At 07:44 PM 9/10/97 -0700, you wrote:
> How forpas would it be to put a BIG DUMB AMERICAN engine into a
>>fine german car???
>>some people will never learn!
>I've heard of a few european cars that have down reasonably well with big
dumb American engines...
>Jensen Interceptor - 440CI Chrysler with 727 Torqueflite. Forerunner to the
>Pantera - 351C w/ZF transaxle.
>AC Cobra - 289 or 427 side oiler
>Series II and III Jaguars and XJSs can actually increase in value with a
'broken kitty' conversion - venerable 350ci Chevy and turbohydro 350. I've
seen a 500ci aluminum big block in place of a V12 in an XJS - tractable,
reliable, less weight and more power. Ever try to set timing on 2
distributors at once?
>Ford V8 conversions in Volvo wagons are said to be near the ultimate sleeper.
>Certain to be a few more...  If I could get small block chevy reliability
with todays EFI technology easily into my tq in an easy convert - absolutely
NO question...
>I love my Audi - I don't love its lack of reliability - understand it, yes...
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