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Re: Alternate V-8 Engines

QLCC.....qu'est ce que c'est?  [explain]

FYI  I have a small block and a spare 5kt tranny......the starter 
location lines-up with the OD of the bell housing on the trans.  How to 
start the engine after you mate it via adapter plate?!

Phil D
> > 
>  Would any of the hyper-knowledgable people on engines be willing to   
> research a part number for one of those Northstar Engine kits?  I am   
> assuming that there is some part number that include all the peices parts   
> like intake and exhaust manifolds and such, as well as electrical...  I   
> would love the same information for something allong the lines of an   
> allu-block 350; but a 32 valve engine seems more attractive... (Robert   
> Plant: "I can breathe again...")
>  Here is what I propose; would all those willing to contribute knowledge   
> and ideas for a V-8 conversion please e-mail me direct; then we can   
> discuss the option much like the QLCC, and keep it off the list.
> Bob Dupree