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Re: quattro Saab??

Sorry-couldn't let a message such as this (talking about quattros AND
 Sonnets AND engine-drivetrain swaps) go by without comment. 

 In my earlier days back in rural NC we used to go dirt track racing-
the "go fast, turn left" type.  They had a class called "mini-stocks"
which was populated exclusively by Vegas and Pintos.  We took a Sonnet
III to the track... and beat the pants off them.  Of course, the
transaxle would not take this abuse for long.  Finding there were really
few firm rules about modifications, we then grafted a SAAB 99 L4 2.0 and
transaxle in the car.  It went like stink. Had to run without the front
half of the body though, since it would no longer fit. Before we could
put together a decent-looking modified clip, those guys outlawed front
wheel drive in the mini-stock class!!!

So, out came the FIAT X1/9 with the 1800 twin cam....
Only took them one race to outlaw mid-engines.  We gave up after that.
(If only quattros had been available back then...)

I played with Sonnets off and on after that- my last one was stock
except for a very hot engine.  I daily drove it for about 2 years, sold
it,  bought it back broken 2 years later, and drove it for another 2
years.  After breaking the transaxle (ring/pinion) for the third time,
even I finally gave up.

VERY reliable (for the year and when stock), great mileage, great winter
car.  But parts are very difficult to come by, some of the electrics can
be quirky, and the transaxle limits reliable mods. Also, most east-coast
Sonnets don't have enough metal left on their pans to graft anything to.

So Mr. Arman is right- anything can be accomplished with the proper
combination of determination and cash, but bring on the sedatives. 

As for me, I'll take a Quattro and a scotch. 

Bill Elliott (dedicated car junkie and recovering redneck)

As a long time lurker but new lister, I'll waste some bandwidth and give
a quick rundown:

Current stuff: 66 Corvair Corsa (65k), 67 Dodge Dart GT (42k), 71 TR6,
75 M/B 300D, 88 Bronco, 92 Accord (hers: ugh!), 92 Park Ave (company
car) and, most recent acquisition:  85 UrQ (80k, basically stock, some
tasteful mods, from Frank Gerber in Chicago)

Recent losses: 67 Corvair Monza (75k w/AC)(sold with regrets), 85
Mustang GT conv (70k, sold without regrets), 87 Cad Allante (158k, MUCH
better than its reputation, sacrified to Wash DC beltway rush hour)

Preferred toys: Corvairs, MG's, SAAB's (old stuff), Volvo's (thru
240's), Impala's (61-64), Riveras (63-67), and misc 4x4's (UV's, not
SUV's).  My last Audi was a '75 100 wagon.  However, I've always lusted
for a UrQ- just could never justify and afford one at the same time.  I
also like Italian machinery, but encourage my friends, no:
acquaintances, to buy those.

Originally from NC, NCSU, ex-Navy (subs), recently moved from DC to
WI...just for the weather.   

My thanks to the group for all its help thus far; always glad to chat
about cars!
			Bill Elliott
 			Lake Mills, WI

> Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 09:53:29
> From: Mike Arman <armanmik@n-jcenter.com>
> Subject: quattro Saab??
>James Marriott has a friend who is absolutely bonkers for Saabs. 
> >He wants to build a "race" (auto-x and street killer) car for his SO
> >The question:  can a Saab turbo motor bolt up to a 016, and could a
> >4kq/synchro rear end (he was _ecstatic_ to see the whole rear drivetrain
> >on a subframe, needing only upper strut mounts) be grafted into a Saab Sonnet?
> Item one: Fine, we're bonkers for Audi over here on this list.
> Item two: bad idea - his SO probably won't appreciate the odor of melting
> testosterone when this car runs (if its ever finished). SO's tend to prefer
> cars that simply run, quietly, smoothly, and with little attention (which
> idea does have a certain appeal).
> Item three: Yes, with enough money, you can bolt anything to anything.
> However, I once owned a series 3 Sonnet - I suggest spending all that money
> on tranquilizers, sedatives and anti-hallucinogenics instead.
> If that doesn't work, double the dosage. If THAT doesn't work, double it
> again.
> Best Regards,
> Mike Arman