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Got my new rims and tires!!

Hi All!!

Well I just got my new Borbet Type C 16x7.5's mounted on Dunlop SP 8000
225/40ZR16 today, and all I can say is wow!!  I went ahead and mounted
my new cross-drilled rotors and put the passenger side tires on.  The
fit is *much* better than I was expecting.  The clearance in the back of
the wheel by the spring perch is more than enough, and clears the strut
housing just fine as well.  The clearance on the steering arms on the
front struts are fine too.  On the outside of the rim/tire, I'm within a
1/2" of the tire clearing the fender...which is about 3/4 " less than
what I thought it was going to be!  As a result, it's not going to take
very much messaging of the fender flares to make the tires clear.

Overall, I absolutely love the look of this wider tire, and with the
dish effect on these Borbet Type C's, the rims look like 17's.  Every
person that's seen the car has thought that I had 17's on the car...and
they do look VERY deceiving.  

Anyway, my front G60 brackets are supposed to be in from Todd Candey
tomorrow, and on Monday I'm going to take the brackets and rotors to be
anodized.  By the end of next week, the car should be rolling around.  I
am going to pick up, at the suggestion of Martin Pajak (thanks!!), an
'82 - '89 Z28 front sway bar for the front of the car(35 mm), and
transplant the current front sway bar to the rear.  

The only things I have left are to install the 10VT engine I bought out
of an '87 5ktq (which should be here this coming week), and take the car
to the body shop to have a slight pull done, the left front door
straightened, etc., etc., then paint.  I'm still trying to decide if I
want to paint the car the original silver, or dark charcoal metallic.
While the car is at the body shop, we'll be freshening the motor and
getting all the necessary parts ready to do the conversion in a few
weeks.  I'll take pictures of it when it's all finished (as well as
pictures of the current status of the S2), and email them to those

It should look pretty good with the Borbet's which will show a large
portion of the anodized cross-drilled machined rotors, the yellow brake
calipers (yep, I'm going for that Porsche Turbo S look =), silver strut
housings, etc.


-Mark Nelson