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Re: 92 S4 headlight fogging due to water...

In a message dated 97-09-12 23:52:30 EDT, you write:

<< Nivi@aol.com wrote:
 > Does anyone know how to remove the 92 S4's headlight...I apparently have a
 > water leak in there somewhere, which is causing the headlight to fog up...
 > There are two bolts (hex with internal Phillips) on top - that's as far as
 > I've probed...don't have any other documentation...those bolts *do not*
 > release the housing...
 > TIA,
 > Dorab (nivi@aol.com)
 I don't know how to remove it, but I do know that it is very important
 that you get the moisture out before it corrodes the plating on the
 reflective surface of the housings or the lamp will be ruinned. How
 about blowing warm, dry air in through the lamp hole? Then you don't
 have to remove it.
 "one eyed" '91 200 20v tq
I put the question to one of my dealer's sales managers (a really good guy),
and he advised that I drill two holes in the bottom of the housing to let the
water drain out - which makes sense...except I still need to look at the
fiche to be able to figure out how to remove them!! He also said that it
involved removing trim parts....

*I thought the CoupeQ's engine bay design layout was bad!!!* It really is
nothing compared to the s4's - at least in the Coupe most of the stuff is
visible...I would dread installing a new turn signal lamp (front of S4) in
there....(that's without a fiche/Bentley)

BTW, did anyone get ahold of the new Bentley's for the 92-96 S4/A6's yet??


Dorab (nivi@aol.com)