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Maintainence $$$ for 5000

Hello Audiophiles,
	Today is our first anniversay.  One year ago my beautiful pearl
white, 5000 TQCS and I entered into a delightful partnership.  For those
who are considering  this I have compiled my first year expenses.
Item				   		Labor   Parts   Total
Ck CC; tighten shock tube caps			 33.60		
Major service, O2 sensor; thermostat		134.40	204.96  368.02
4 Steel wheels				     		220.00  231.00
4 wheel covers (40) bentley (125)			173.15  173.15
4 Nokia, Haakas +balance				403.90  403.90
4 wheel alignment				 40.00		 40.00
Replace fuel pump, brake fluid, ck speedo        96.00	201.50  307.50
Replace rear control arm bushings		 48.00	 54.00  104.70
O+F; check marker light, check, adj e-brake      38.40   31.70	 84.38
O+F; ck aux. rad.fan, replace hose		 67.20	 50.25  134.75
replace oil cooler and lines	 		 48.00	260.09  321.66
Mount summer tires, free caliper		 67.20           67.20
1 summer tire, balance 4, ck ABS		 72.00	 95.90	172.21
Replace heater valve, ck diff lock, ck aux fan   48.00   28.95   78.40
Replace turbo water pump		                169.78  169.78
LF wheel bearing;, ck A/C		        120.00	 66.90	196.25
Replace A/C accuulator; replaceA/c restrictor
 valve, 1# freon				 96.00  148.13	251.54

Total						908.80 2109.21 3138.04

	The car has been totally reliable; all repairs have been
before I have had a problem.  Since I plan to keep this car FOREVER I want
to enjoy all the trouble free time I pay for. The only work I do on the
car is cosmetic, washing it and vaccuuming interior.  I pay $48/hour for
labor and am blessed by a superb mechanic-he is listed under mechanics in
	It has been considerably more expensive, maintainence wise, than
my Toyota truck but then it gives CONSIDERABLY more pleasure and the body
is not disappearing before my very eyes.  For me this is a real plus.
	I bought the car at 119,730 miles and have currently 132, 500
	I hope this information helps someone considering buying one of
these beautiful cars as the qlist has been so helpful to me in
understanding it and knowing what to replace before 'Thar she blows'.
	Finally I would gladly pay for this service.
	Berthann Mulieri
	1988 5000TQCS