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parking brake

Hi again,

OK, here's my second post of the morning.  MY "new" 4k not only came
with dampers that don't, but a parking brake that doesn't.  Actually,
its fine if you hold it up or stick a brick under the handle, but what
I'd perfer, would be to fix the detent mechanism.  The previous owner
pre-stuffed the glove box with assorted trash, AND, two gears that are
alleged to be the ones to solve this.  I pulled the brake boot this morn
and noted that the handle, and I think, at least one of the gears is rivited
in place.  Anyone fixed this before?  Any tips?  Not much in Haynes.
The patient is an 86 4kS.  TIA


Roger Albert,  Motorola Wireless/DSP,  Austin TX,  Go Illini!
1994 Red Ducati M900 Monster, email: roger@mostro.sps.mot.com
Blue 1976 R90/6, 1974 R90/6 Sidecar project which needs chair
White 65 BMW R60/2  73 MotoGuzzi Eldorado - under restoration
 -- and an '86 4kS