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'91 200 qw for sale???

I've been off the list for quite since around May, and will be on
sporadically for the next few weeks.

Just to stir up some thoughts:

I'm about 90% sure that next year I'll be moving from Germany to San
Antonio, TX.  Here's my problem:  what do I do with my car?

It's a '91 200 20v Q wagon (or Avant, if you prefer).  The problem is it's
black/black leather.  My options, as I see them, are to sell the car or
tint the windows, buy a grayish Dashmat and possibly sheepskins.

Any comments from those living in warmer climes?  I don't have any problems
here in Germany.  I left New Mexico with temps in the 90's and blue skies
on Friday, for Germany with temps in the 50's and rain on Saturday.  The
car is dirty, but very comfortable.

Joe Yakubik