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New S4, more scuttlebutt

I talked with Eirk Bjorlin from Audi  (he is the regional service mgr fro 
Audi of America).
According to Erik, the Twin turbo S4 is coming in.
In the latest Auto Motor und Sport is a cut away drawing of the twin 
turbo 30V V6. Gorgious!! 
I will get to talk with the Audi factory boys at the Audi stand
in Tokyo next month. I will quiz them for sure for sure.
I missed Frankfurt IAA this year, darn!

I cannot imagine them making two versions, but then again, Audi can 
surprise us, can't they!
PAul Rivera
90 V8
91 200 TQW

ps. Just changed from 15" to 16" Forged Alloys and 225/45 ZR16 8K 
Dunlops on my Mercedes 190E 2.3 16V. Wow. What a difference from the 
205-55 15" P600's. Ride quality has not suffered too much. Stock springs 
and Koni Yellows (front).