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steering rack tool

>Does anyone have the length for tool 3076.  This is the tool that "centers"
>the rack while adjusting toe.  As long as the steering wheel is centered
>while the car is straight do you need this tool for another reason?  Thanks
>for any info from the list.

i'm guessing the tool is used to center the rack (not the wheel,
necessarily) so that there will be an equal number of turns from
straight ahead to left and right lock.  once the rack is centered,
then the steering wheel can be centered and the toe can be aligned.
i would also guess that once the wheel is centered to the rack, you
can use the wheel rather than the tool to center the rack before
aligning the toe.  it should be close enough anyway.  my third guess
here is that you can initially center the rack by counting the total
degrees that the wheel turns from left lock to right lock and divide by
two.  not worth $60!


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