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Re: Jo Hoppen's A4 1.8T CHIP 200hp - AWESOME

At 08:51 09/13/97 -0400, Greg Heidt wrote:
>Some of you may have seen this post on the http://www.a4.org.  However, I
>thought I would post it here also.
                I really respect Mr. Hoppen's talent. I'm his customer also,
I bought
        RS2 header manifold from him two years ago.
                Now my chipped Audi S4 has some problem ( of course, the
chips are not
        from Hoppen Sport),  after coming back from 60,000Km service, it
won't go
        as before. Do you think I can ask him for his suggestion ? I'm not
sure if he will
        answer my question or not because they're not their chips. I just
want to ask him
        that how can the routine service make the car run out of power. If
you encourage
        me to ask him, I'll fax to him. I live in Thailand !