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No Subject

Jeffrey responds with wisdom:

> > Actually, the car has never been anywhere but the dealer.  This car had
> > the Audi Advantage, so we took it to the dealer for every single
> > service, and still do.  I refuse to have my car in an independant
> > garage.  I'd do the service myself, first.  Anyway, it's the dealer
> > that's replaced the high-pressure switch 4 times.
> Interesting ... I won't take my car anywhere near a dealer -- well, at least
> the local Audi dealer (Scottsdale Porsche-Audi) -- and it's not just because
> of their high labor rate and list+10% parts pricing policy.  Every time I've
> done it in the past (usually for diagnostic purposes), the bill always comes
> out to $400 and they never manage to figure out what's wrong.

[deft editing happens now and then...]

> If ever there was proof that having a monopoly in a marketplace leads
> to higher prices and poor service, Scottsdale Porsche-Audi is it!  :^(

I don't think that Scottsdale P-A is unique.  In my experience, I haveonly
found *One* dealer of any marque that I didn't think belonged in Jail for
felonious assualt on my wallet.

My current Wrench, who hands all my german toys, is a small independent
shop in Annapolis, MD called Tri-Tec (410) 224-4377.  It is composed of the
shop personnel for a local Drof dealer who got out of the german car
business (which had been a side-line).  They have the tools for both Audis
and Porsches, and I am a very happy, satisfied customer (no other interest
of any kind).

I consider myself a *lucky* guy!


I recommend