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Re: Re: Jo Hoppen's A4 1.8T CHIP 200hp - AWESOME

>It is quite obvious that your *high-level source* at AoA is incorrect.  And
>that you are blatantly uneducated when it comes to Mr. Hoppen's career.  I
>can not believe that you and other people make such absurd comments when
>you do not have factual information.
>Mr. Hoppen did NOT get fired.  He retired from AoA as was explained to me
>by Mr. Hoppen himself and as I read in 2 different magazine articles in his
>office (speed sport news-forgot date and European Car Mag-June 1996).  

I was once the President of the United States of America.  There, I've said
it, so it must be true, right?

>I do not know much about his son's business, but I find it hard to believe
>that it *failed* as you say.  Where is your factual information supporting
>this statement?  You did not post any factual information backing up your
>statement except *your high-level source* at AoA.  Please tell me you can
>do better than that.
>It is also a fact that Audi employed Mr. Hoppen as a consultant after his
>retirement from AoA.  I wonder why Audi would use him as a consultant if he
>was fired?  Please tell me about your sources so I may discuss them with
>Mr. Hoppen and so you don't look like an idiot in front of everybody
>receiving this information.

I was trying to be nice in my response but it's clear you don't understand
how large corporations work.  I assure you that many people who "retire"
don't do so voluntarily ... likewise, corporations also fire many people for
various political reasons and then {quitely) hire them back as consultants.

That said, given the tone of your response, there's clearly no point in
debating these points with you.  As they say, there's no point in wrestling
with a pig; you'll both end up covered in shit and the pig actually enjoys it!
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