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Great Audi Service Shop in CT

The secret is out:
Please add Klaus Foreign Car Repairs to the recommended List of Audi Repair
Shops. Located in Stamford CT (Fairfield County), Klaus has kept my 89 200
Quattro in tip-top shape for 55,000 miles from 1992-1996  when I sold it. He
is now maintaining my 91 200 Quattro 20V and has restored it to it's original
operating condition. I'm even seeing 1.7 bar turbo boost. If you need any
details please email me. He only works on Audi/VW, Mercedes, BMW, and an
occassional Volvo......
KLAUS (203)-324-3134
I have no financial interest, just a happy satisfied customer. 

Wesley Lem

1991- 200 Q20V, 94,800, Totally stock
1995- 90S (The Wife's) coming off lease 10/5/97 w/ 20,000 miles
1996 Infiniti I30 (Wife's Replacement Daily Driver)