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Re: Parking brake, rear caliper

Just had this problem on a '91 90 (non-quattro). Base brakes were fine,
parking brake would not engage on either wheel.  

Ended up having both calipers rebuilt at a local shop (dealer arranged the
rebuild since they didn't have the tools - yes they freely suggested a
rebuild vs buying new parts at roughly 2.5 x's the cost of a rebuild).  Time
down - 1day, cost: $125/caliper for rebuild plus labor to r&r.

The bad news was that on the way home from the repair - the right rear
wouldn't disengage fully but didn't grab enough to tell during driving.  When
we got the car home though the brake smell was obvious and the wheel too hot
to touch.  Dealer paid to have the car platform towed back to the shop the
next day, now no problems. Moral to the story - it is both possible and cost
effective to have the calipers rebuilt, but double check them after they're
back on the car.