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In a message dated 97-09-14 07:41:53 EDT, you write:

<< First of all YES!!!  Mr. Hoppen DID work as head of Dealer Service for
   If you don't believe me than you should call him and ask him yourself! 
 Do you really think that I would make something like this up?  Jesus
 Christ!  Maybe you should give him a call!  He will tell you himself.  I
 really don't think he would lie to me, do you? >>

I'll answer your last question first:  Yes, I think he might, at least as
regards the employment history recounted in your post.  However, as a
preamble, I did not intend to accuse _you_ of lying when I posted my comment.
 After re-reading my note, however, I see how you would interpret it that
way.  For that I humbly apologize.  Let me restate my point in a fashion that
should be more clear and cause you less offense.  You were grossly

As to my key point, I stand by it.  I work on a regular basis with Audi of
America and Volkswagen of America.  I have for 20 years.  I know what Mr.
Hoppen did for them.  I know what he didn't do.  I also know why he left (or
was caused to leave).  Finally, I know the people who actually do the Dealer
Service and contact work.  Hoppen was not involved in this area during his
last years at Audi. Period.  If he claims that to be the case, he is
"overstating" his credentials.

Sorry for any offense.  My goal was to reduce the amount of embellishment and
inflation that surrounds the Hoppen mythology.