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Re: Audi-Chev conversions

>     Well, this thread has provided one good thing, Graydon informed us of a
> place on the west coast that makes the adapters for the 016 transmissions.
>  All we need to have is a bit better taste when it comes to the swap.  Chevy
> engine?  No Way !!!    928 engine?  Yes.  Audi V8 automatic block?   Yes  944
> turbo engine?  Yes.  Northstar V8? Yes.   Heavy Iron American V8 of any sort?
>  No.  
>      Sorry to go postal on the subject, but I would love the power and
> perfomance of a V8 under the hood of my UrQ.  With the short supply of 5
> speed equipped V8 audis out there, I know I'll need to make a choice other
> than that.
> Sean.

My take on it is this thread is as follows-
We all know that Audi drivetrain parts, without modification, can take
quite abit of abuse. So why, (triple-layer suit, gloves, helmet and
shoes have been donned) other than merely to "have something different",
would you put a V8 under an Audi hood? Why not spend less money and time
to massage the already full-of-potential 10V turbo? Why worry about a
"hack" job? (Or get into it in the first place, for that matter?) I know
of reputble North American rally teams that are getting close to 400
lb/ft of torque, safely, from thir 10V turbo motors. Granted, this is a
racing motor, built by Audi Sport, but the technology is a decade old!
With what we have now-a-days, we can easly cross the 300hp/300lb/ft
barrier for the street. Things like a fully adjustable electronic fuel
injection, bigger turbos, intercoolers, etc. etc. It's all there, you
just have to look in the right places. Besides, what about the pride of
relatively small displacement engine owners? My brother, for example,
has an '86 Porsche Turbo. In it's day, nothing could touch it, and after
a few modifications, such as my brother has done, almost nothing can
touch it now! His motor puts out very close to 500hp, total cost to him,
including the car, has been tens of thousands less  than had he gone and
bought a Viper, and you can't imagine how many times he has bashed it by
saying, "My car has more power, can be driven faster by someone who
knows how, and stops quicker than a Viper, on 11 year old technology
with an engine which is 60% smaller in displacement and has four fewer

My whole point is this: you have a motor ripe for modification, on a
car, when properly set up, can match the handling. Why do something as
illogical and irrational as grafting a V8 in place of an I5? Even if
your car is an NA I5, 10V T motors are very easy to find and fit in an
Audi. You can have an easier job, spend about the same amount of money,
(If you are doing it yourself) and be more satisfied with the outcome.
Why even consider it?

Your fellow, (way too brand loyal) Audi owner

* Ramana Lagemann		          	
* Cohasset, MA			 
* mailto:elmool@tiac.net
* 1990 Coupe Q