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'87 4kq FI problem


Ran fine all day at auto-x, even with the wife driving
Started fine to leave the event
While headed for pizza, would die every time I pushed in the clutch
(approaching a signal)
If I let the engine speed down slowly, idles OK, but rough, ~800 RPM
Actuating AC compressor causes slight increase in idle (run by timing
advance, no?)
Car won't generally start
At other than idle, car seems to run fine
Fuel pump has 4k miles, filter 1k miles

In the past, the car would occasionally (monthly?) die on deceleration,
especially from high speed, and especially with the AC on. When it
didn't die, idle would often drop to 300-400 RPM before picking up and
settling at ~850-900
Suggestions? Sir Robert of House of Bentley suggests buying $30000 of VW