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URQ suspension-again!

John- I noted your response to Neil's excellent discussion of springs
ans shocks in the thread  "Jamex Springs". I have spoken to Neil at some
length on this topic and I believe he is quite knowledgeable. I was
wondering what you're suspension set up experience is with your 83 URQ.
I know this stuff is not easy to describe, especially when it comes to
the subjective ride quality, but I'm trying to get the most info I can
to make a decision, on shocks for my 83URQ daily driver. I am currently
leaning heavily towards Boge, with stock springs. I am told that Boge
gas or turbo gas is available in the UK. I have also heard of a Boge
Sport (hydraulic) but there does not seem to be any listing of same in
the Boge US directory.  Any advice on this matter is appreciated.  I
know this thread has been around a few times, but I'm real close to a
move on this. 
Rob Greene