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Re: Audi-Chev conversions

Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:
> EFI - 2500.00
> RS2 - 1500.00
> Extrudehone intake and exhaust - 800.00
> basic engine rebuild - 1500.00
> intercooler upgrade - 800.00
> spark plugs - 20 bucks each!
EFI  - (Haltec, prolly the best on the market) $1800
K-27/Watercooled, guessing  - 				   $700
Extrudehone -                 				   $800
Engine rebuild -              				   $1500
Custom Intercooler (Offroad Customs in CA) -   $500
Spark Plugs -                                  $100

> There's 7200.00 just to get that reliable 300 - 350 hp.   I can do a
> pretty awesome engine swap to a stock Northstar and get that mind of
> power with better reliability, better fuel economy, MUCH better
> emissions, and a much smoother power plant.

I get about $5400...
W/ the EFI- you can have the best emissions, driveability, economy _all_
of the time, no matter what rpm, unlike the stock CIS, (which is also an
advantage of the NorthStar) because you can tune for pretty much every
RPM, if you so desire, plus you can tune the EFI for specific
situations, like track events or autoX's, etc... throw in some overboost
here, advance the timing there... 

> I'm not out to prove anything to anyone - I just want a nice running car
> for myself.   The 5KCSTQ is not a drag racer or an autocrosser, its a
> family cruiser.   I love the car, but the engine is a less-than-great

The only reason I entered into the fray w/ my comments was because I
beleive that this thread was started in regards to a 4K, not a 5K... I,
as you, do not consider the 5K an apt racer/autoX'r....
Also, what you aren't paying for in cash for parts, you most definitely
will be paying for in time. Again, it is very much so a "hack" job. You
must work out all of the wiring, etc. You must work out engine mounting.
You must correctly mate the tranny to the engine, and that will take
horrendous amounts of time, not to mention money for custom parts to
adapt the tranny to the motor, plus you'll have to figure out how to
route the dual exhaust...
Also, w/ the 10VT, if you decide you want more power, it is an option,
unlike the NorthStar...
just my $2.00 USD
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