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5kcstq Performance Rebuild

 Tomorrow I should have the engine out of my '86 5kcstq. I am planning a
complete overhaul and 
am seeking advice from people who have rebuilt their similar engine. This
is what I have planned:

        Head Rebuilt - oversized valves (still not sure what size yet),
intake/exhaust manifold 
                match ported. 
        Upgrade to last cam Audi used on 10v (late '90,91's), new lifters
        Intake manifold extrude honed/ possibly head as well.
        Upgrade to two piece exhaust manifold. Dialynx or Audi?
        Lower End - polish crank, balance rods, new bearings, slight
overbore with new pistons,
                Total Seal Rings (any comments on these?), Raceware

        All the other normal stuff. (seals, hoses, etc.) Also having
injectors balanced.

Can anyone comment on larger pistons and/or different rod configurations?
Anyone used 
Total Seal Rings or Audi Sport titanium valve retainers and springs? Also
searching for a good shop 
to do the machine work.  Any advice will be appreciated greatly.

Brett Augsburger
'86 5000cstq
1.7 bar on k27/k26 hybrid turbo