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Re: Audi Recycler...in EU??

Is there any Audi recycler both in internet and EU? E-mail address could 
be enough for me.
Taxes and tolls will kill me if I buy something from US.

Jani Leppälammi
Pirkkala, Finland

>Leigh Anderson wrote:
>-As some of you know, I've been scouring the country for a replacement 
>-broken seat for my 4KQ.  I found what is apparently an incredibly 
>-dismantler in CA and he had some rare black seats with quattro insets 
>-should go nicely with my rare black interior.-
> -The pics of their yard and organized inventory inside their building 
>-great, and audis are their featured inventory  Check em out at:-
>-Best Regards,-
>-Leigh Anderson-
>     Dad's is in Rancho Cordova CA, it takes me about twenty minutes to 
>there, yes I've been there numerous times...  They have a good 
selection of
>Audis I've seen many 4Ks as well as 80s and 90s.  They even have a four 
>Audi V8 from a V8 Quattro so what about that 4K V8 conversion???  I've 
>with them several times and their prices are good and they know their 
> I'd recommend them to anyone on the list.
>Rob Hill
>'86 4KCSQ

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